Reason 9: what we know so far

UPDATE: it is officially announced now: Reason 9 announced. What’s new? Propellerheads announcement of Reason 9 has been leaked and later on deleted from most of the websites. Here's what we know so far: Here’s...

K Machine


Blocs Wave updated with Slice and Rearrange mode

Amazing loop-player and audio-clips manipulation app was updated with Slice and Rearrange mode. Great for drum'n'bass and any other genres that needs to slice drum beats/audio loops.

Model 15 – Modular iOS Synth by Moog

Moog Model 15 - is full-featured Moog Modular synth for iOS developed by Moog. Model 15 is one of the most advanced synths available for iOS platform with beautiful detailed user...



DEVO Synthesizer featuring unreleased DEVO sounds coupled with a powerful Devo Robot Maker & Photo booth: Kit Robot has been working in collaboration with pop icons DEVO for the last year...


5 Fresh Sample Sources For Maschine

Okay, so you’re a new Maschine user waiting for your new Mk3 to arrive. Or, maybe you’re an experienced user who never really tapped...